Dog Clothes

Many people think that their doggy does not need dog clothes because of warm weather in their region. However, pets need clothes not only to be in warm, but also to feel cool in hot weather or dry and clean in rainy weather.

When your doggy shivers, get him a dog coat, sweater or jacket. A constantly chilled dog is neither a healthy dog nor a well-exercised dog. If you live in warm or hot environment, buy a dog vest or coat made of special fabric that retains moisture, to keep your dog cool. So, buy your doggy puppy clothes and then adult dog outfits – and you make him look quite pretty and funny. 😉

Cooling jacket for dog Hoodie for dog rainy coat for dogs
Cool Runners Dog Cooling Jacket

-soak the jacket in cold water and put it on
-reduces body temp. of your pet in hot weather
-hours of evaporative cooling between soakings
-easy to put on “Step In” design
-size: medium,19″-24″Chest

Casual Canine Pet Sweatshirt Hoodie

-with kangaroo-style pockets on the back
-made of 100% cotton
-ribbed sleeves and waist ensure a snug fit
-size: 16″ length

Fashion Pet Slicker Raincoat

-self-adjusting belly strap for a secure and comfortable fit
-leash opening
-100% polyester with waterproof PVC coating

Price $30


Price $15


Price $13


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